01. What is Find Me Fit?
We are a super easy to use fitness finder directory that helps the public find and connect with local fitness and wellness professionals. We host a variety of fitness categories to choose from so as to make it easier for you to find the right support for your needs.
02. How does it work?
All you do is pop in a postcode that is convenient for you. Choose a fitness type that best fits your needs, browse through an array of friendly fitness and wellness professionals. Once you’ve found a suitable professional, connect with them and begin your journey to a better you.
03. How do I make the payment?
It’s 100% FREE to use us. We are just here to help you find and connect with the right people.
04. Is this service worldwide?
Unfortunately not yet – We are based in London and our services are currently available in the South West areas of Battersea – Clapham – Wandsworth.
05. Can anyone join?
All fitness and wellness professionals are welcomed to join us. However, due to our strict quality control not all applications are guaranteed to be listed.