Physio Fitness

Aches and pains are a massive roadblock for many people trying to get fit. There is nothing worse than a niggly injury that keeps holding you back. Physio fitness is a great way to get the right treatment and therapy to support your recovery. Qualified therapists will treat and point out the root causes of your injuries and also teach you how to avoid them in future.

Gym Fitness

The gym is the perfect environment to keep you motivated. It's energetic, dynamic and very social. With an extensive range of machines and fitness equipment, the gym is a fantastic place to help trainers maximize workouts for clients. They will be able to target those problem areas and accomplish specific goals you may have.

Home Fitness

If you are looking to get fit but your lifestyle requires more convenience and flexibility then home-­style fitness may be the answer. While enjoying the comforts and privacy of your home, friendly qualified trainers will gladly arrange to do weekly visits. They will tailor a workout plan specifically to your needs while adapting to the space provided. Squats in the kitchen make for great dinner conversation!

Nutrition Fitness

It always starts in the kitchen! Eating right is one of the most challenging aspects of fitness. Breaking bad habits and staying disciplined is always easier said than done. ‘Story of our lives’ right? Sometimes we just need a little guidance from the experts. Certified nutritionists and dietitians are able to really help you understand what foods make you feel the best. They will create special diet plans that cater to your bodies needs. Once you learn to eat better your body will start thanking you more.

Self defence Fitness

Get fighting fit! Self‐defence styled fitness is a great fun way to get in shape. Not only do you learn vital skills to protect yourself but you also reach new levels of muscular and cardiovascular performance. Engaging in this style of fitness will make you focused and spatially aware. Your intuition and reaction speed will improve along with your confidence.

Social fitness

Social fitness is a favorite for lots of people. Classes are very interactive socially and usually less expensive. There is a broad range of options ranging from boot camps, yoga classes, mixed Martials arts, crossfit and other sports. These classes are full of energy and character; you will meet people with similar goals and fitness levels to buddy up with. Make friends and get fit sounds like a no brainer.